Possibly Unique Late 18th. Century Mantel Clock of Column Form



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Silk suspension movement signed on the white enamel dial Imbert L’aine a Paris, set in the marble base of a magnificent column, the onyx column surmounted by four seated lions supporting a marble orb with the standing gilt figure. Circa 1798.

Jean-Gabriel L’aine. Maitre 1776. Carrefour de la Roquette 1778. Rue de la Planche Mibrai 1781. Rue des Arcis 1784.

The Apollo Belvedere:-
Recorded in the Vatican by 1509. It was ceded by Pope Pious VI to the Frenchunder the terms of the Treaty of Tolentino in 1787. It reached Paris in a triumphant procession in July 1798, being inaugurated in 1800 in the Musee Central des Arts. It arrived back in Rome in 1816 and was returned to the Belvedere Courtyard.

The column construction
The two stepped marble base is Griotte Rouge quarried from Felines-Minervois, France; active in 17th. & 18th. centuries. Ref: fireplace and upper medallion case of Kings interior cabinet in Versailles. The section set with the movement is Portor, quarried on the island of Portor Venere, La Spezia, Toscana,Italy. Ref: fireplace in the library at Chateaux de Compiegne. The main body of the column is Algerian onyx from Ain-Snara. The lions sit on a small section of Patricia Green marble quarried from Vallee d’Aoste, Italy. The orb is also Portor marble.

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Circa 1798


36" tall (91.44cm)

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